How To Setup An Email in Outlook 2019

How To Setup An Email in Outlook 2019

I write this article as a courtesy to TopsWebHost customers to help you configure your Outlook software. 

Before you start, be sure you have these handy:

  • Your domain name:
  • Your email address:
    For more information, please read this article: Creating a POP/IMAP email account.
  • Your email password.


1. Open Outlook 2019, and click File. 

2. Add Account. Click the “+Add Account” button to begin.

3. Enter your email address as you want it to appear, then click on the small downward arrow next to Advanced options and check the box for manually setting up the account. Lastly, click “Connect”.

4. In this screen, choose “IMAP”.

5. This window is where you enter your email information, enter your email account information in this window below. Then click “Next”.

  • Your Incoming mail Server is your domain.
  • Your Outgoing mail Server is Please note, you can opt for your own SMTP provider but our recommendation is SMTP2GO.

6. Enter your password and then click “Connect”.

7. Congrats! You have managed to configure your account, click “Done”.

You’ll receive an automated email from Microsoft testing your account. Once you receive this message then that means you’re good to take your business the next level.

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